MicroCodeZ Business e-Management

It's not the price that defines the quality, it's the people of the product that matters the most.

Fully-fledged platform

Provides you with the most essential modules to help you manage your business with ease. Our mission is to make sure that you focus on what you do best and what your business actually provides where we take care of the platform for your business to run on.

Single unified tool

For you and your employees to use with extensive and powerful APIs for your business. For every feature we provide, we would have an API for it and we have over 3,700 functionalities and still growing.

Over 3,700 features

If your business needs or requires an additional feature regardless before or after purchasing our platform, we are keen and looking forward to those requirements and ensure their delivery. In worst case scenarios if your business requires a feature that we are unable to provide (which would be on very rare exceptional occasions). You would still have our extensive powerful APIs to build it yourself and integrate with our platform with ease.


We are trying our best to make our platform to be affordable for every business out there. If there are any issues, you can always check-in with our customer service for details.

Happy Clients 100%

Features Over 3,700 features and still counting

Hours a day, 5 days a week of Support Plus 5 hours during weekends that we are available for you whenever you need us.

Visitors and more that we are ready to serve! We scale our platform for you whenever you are ready!


The best part about our platform is that you pay only for what you use, we do not charge extra per modules to ensure all of our business customers can enjoy seamless environment without worrying about how much would it cost you to use an additional module. This additionally allows us to make sure that you will receive constant updates to your environment to keep your business up to date with the market.

MCZ BeM - Human Resources

Manage your your organizational structure, employees records, salaries, working hours, their benefits and more in our MCZ BeM Human Resources module.

MCZ BeM - Information Technology

Manage your domains, branches, employees welcome emails for onboarding, mail servers, organizational machines, mails, live chat integrations, EFT POS integrations and more in our MCZ BeM Information Technology module.

MCZ BeM - Security

Manage and control your employees and customers access to your environment where you can control over 3,500 APIs.

MCZ BeM - Finance

Manage your financial settings, chart of accounts, cash flow, payment methods such as online payments and in-store payments, cost centers, taxes, expenses and more with our MCZ BeM Finance module.

MCZ BeM - Procurement

Manage your suppliers, local and foreign purchase orders for your organizational assets and maintain your stocks ensuring your continues delivery to your customers with our smart Stock Management tracking and future predictions of expected demands of your product.

MCZ BeM - Inventory

Manage your stocks, organize your products within your inventories, transfer products depending on the demand and smart tracking of your inventory expiry dates, and with our smart engine to help you re-allocate your products within your other stores depending on the product demands.

MCZ BeM - Sales

Start selling to your customers via our either self-service or managed Point of Sales.

MCZ BeM - E-Commerce

With our Website management, you can publish your products online to your end-consumers where they can add them into cart and process payment online.

MCZ BeM - Website Management

Build and manage your websites on our platform which allows you to deliver your website in Angular V13 to your end customers, you do not need to build an Angular website from ground-up, Angular HTML expressions would work just great!

MCZ BeM - Dashboards and Reports

We have made sure of delivering dashboards for every module where you can manage your own custom dashboard(s) with different perspectives on the custom reports that you can create. We have over 350 data points where you can create custom reports for.

MCZ BeM - Devices

Our platform is built with mobile-in-mind and supports Windows , macOS , Linux, iOS and Android devices. This means our platform can run on PCs, laptops, tablets and phones, we are also working on allowing our customers to utilize our platform to deliver a ready-mobile app to their end-customers via Microsoft Store , Apple's AppStore and Android's PlayStore where the look and feel will always stay unified.

MicroCodeZ Business e-Management

With MicroCodeZ Business e-Management, we ourselves are using our own platform for ourselves before we deliver it to you. For instance, this website is powered by our MCZ BeM. When you sign up and create a trial instance of MCZ BeM, those are also managed by our MCZ BeM.

Why Us

Because we are dedicated in delivering constant updates to our business customers, we have an R&D that is fully focused on market needs/improvements, keeping up to date with technologies and meeting customers demands whether those customers are your employees or your customers. Your success is everything to us! Your work is important to you, so we want you to focus on that and leave the tech stuff to us.


Unified tool

A unified tool that allows you to utilize multiple business operations in the same tool is very crucial into every business. Today you may already have your own POS system but tomorrow when you run e-Commerce on a separate platform then you realize you need to unify your tools to boost your employees performance and customer service, just by having us a lone, gives you the ability to make the move instantly and scale immediately.


Scalability & Performance

Regardless of your business size, small, big or extra large. It doesn't matter, we made sure our platform to have the capability to scale as big you can be. And anyways that's something you would need in the future, and if you are big, you need something bigger. Why not start big when you can? That's us, we give you a platform that runs on Angular serves your website in Angular, gives you the performance and speed you need to make your first impression on your customers. Don't let the technology be your excuse and not choose MicroCodeZ!


We love what we do!

We are a tech company specialized in tech stuff. We love our work and that gives us the ability to deliver what we can deliver today! We want you to focus on what you do best and what you love. Because great work comes from work you love doing! So give us a go, buy our platform, let your employees complain and watch us meet their demands and meet their expectations within a great time-frame. Get your first impression with us right and see how the future can be for you and your organization.

MicroCodeZ Business e-Management

This is the true system you want in your organization. Made with love and attention to details!

  • All
  • HR
  • IT
  • Security
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • R&D
  • Dashboards & Reports


As you can control your budget with us, we can limit your environment. We scale just as soon as your wallet is ready to scale.

Starting up with the right size that matches your business is very important to maintain quality, speed and performance. Buying a service that is actually lower than your business size will impact your customers experience.


Starts at $540 / year

  • Up to 1 branch
  • Up to 2 employees
  • Up to 10,000 customers
  • Up to 500,000 requests/month
  • Up to 500 MB database storage
  • Up to 1 GB file storage

Medium & large businesses

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  • Medium business is up to 29 branches
  • Medium business is up to 199 employees
  • Medium business is up to 99,999 customers
  • Medium business is up to 9,999,999 requests/month
  • Medium business is up to 1 TB database storage
  • Medium business is up to 1 TB file storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to reach out to us for more details or if we are missing any questions that you have.

  • To get started about this is very simple:

    1. Reach out to our team and let them know about your business and what you need.
    2. If it is already built in our platform, our team will let you know, if it's not, they will let you know if this is something that we can build and support out of the box or not.
    3. Our team will prepare a presentation and demo for you.
    4. You would be able to sign up for a trial.
    5. Once you receive access to your trial, you can then test and provide more feedback of what you need that we are missing.
    6. Our team once again will verify if those features can be built and supported out of the box or if we can workaround if there are any issues.
    7. Once those are confirmed, our team will let you know of time-line estimation for building those features which will always remain between 1-6 months.
    8 Once you agree. An none-refundable invoice totaled with the percentage of the cost of the platform for your business size will be sent to you.
    9. Once or each time a feature gets delivered, you will be notified to use immediately and provide further feedback.
    10. Once the time-frame is over and features are delivered, the remainder of the total cost will be issued to you in an invoice.

    That's pretty much it!

  • 21 days extendable to 30 days.

  • You will receive 2 domains dedicated to you and those are https://[your-tenant-id].bem.microcodez.com for UI access and https://api.[your-tenant-id].bem.microcodez.com for API access.

    You will additionally receive an IP address for you to point your custom domains to, such as https://api.your-domain.com and https://your-domain.com. This is only if you want to utilize and use MCZ BeM - Website management to serve your website on Angular

  • There are 3 tiers about this:

    • Trial & start-up environments are deployed on a public shared cPanel hosting that we rent, those cPanel hosting are within Sydney NSW, Australia. Please talk to our team if you need a certain location.
    • Small business environments are deployed on a public shared cPanel hosting that we rent but within the region that YOU select. Currently we support: USA West Fremont, CA, USA Central Dallas, TX, USA East Newark, NJ, South Canada, Toronto, ON, Europe London, UK, Europe Frankfurt, DE, Mumbai India, IN, Asia Singapore, SG and Sydney Australia, AU,
    • Medium and large businesses environments are deployed on one of our managed Kubernetes Nodes that we create on either AWS (Amazon Web Services) and/or MicroCodeZ Cloud. And those instances will be deployed in the region that you select within over 100+ countries & territories around the world.
  • Yes. Currently not automated and on-demand. We are working on providing automation for this.

  • Not yet, but this is on our plans.

  • Because we commit and dedicate some of our teams to work on your requirements to deliver them as soon as possible.

    It's non-refundable because not only that we allocate resources, but we also reserve environment for you where we deliver those features on so that you can verify them.

  • This depends on your preference, but if you need to scale your environment up to match a certain business tier that you happen to not select at the beginning will require to be charged up-front plus the upgrade charges. To avoid those upgrade charges, it would be recommended to be clear about your business size from the beginning especially if you are planning to use our website management. See more details in the question below.

  • Because publishing your website to your public can drain your requests limit very quickly and can have impact on your environment's performance. To protect and reserve the quality of our service, we encourage our customers to select the right environment size per their business size.

    Kicking off a website as a start-up business that doesn't have geographical nor physical presence or at best 1 branch is not going to have the same initial visitors/load as another business that has 99 branches across the nation-wide or in multiple countries.

  • There are 2 pricing that gets applied together to you:

    Setup costs (one time only or once per upgrade)

    The price that depends on your business size. For example, we do not charge initial setup fees for start-ups, but on small business, there are $4,000 additional fees that are added on top of their initial payment plan, and that is because of the initial configuration that we apply to small business environment. Such fees changes based on medium and large businesses. The more bigger you go the more setup cost are applied.

    And if your business started as small business then on the long run migrated to medium business size (as you grow bigger, we also scale our environment to be bigger with you to match your needs). At this point, there will be upgrade fees to migrate your environment sizing to a bigger sizing, and then we scale them with your rapid growth accordingly.

    Pay as you go

    The base price for small business for example is $5,545 for the first year. In the second year, if your business still remain the same then your next bill's base is still going to remain at $1,545. The pay as you go here is if you for example have 3 employees then it will become $1,500 + ($40 per employee * 3), so it will be totaled $1,620. And so on.


Reach out to us via our live chat here or file a ticket to one of the teams below.

MCZ CS MicroCodeZ Customer Service Team

Can help you with general enquiries, supportability generic info. Perfect for customers that did not register on our platform yet and have general questions including our existing customers with billing & account enquiries.

MCZ SArch MicroCodeZ Solutions Architect Team

Perfect for customers who are already using our platform and need help with how-to & what-is questions.

MCZ TTS MicroCodeZ Tactical Technical Support Team

This team is more of an advanced team in the event if you are experiencing a technical issue where you are experiencing a bug or a feature is not working as expected/intended.